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Rosse Wine

Customers rated Rosse Wine 5 out of 5 based on 26 reviews

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Hey hey :D

Apr 10th @ 12:26pm EDT

Helloooo to everyoneeee!
Just wanted to say "hi" and sent to you all my love and my good thoughts for every each of you.

Maybe are you wondering why I'm off :D Well, I'm again in my hometown to my parent's house. I will be beack on Tuesday :P

Today it was a great day. My sister came to visit us and we made a barbecue. It was so tasty :D yammy yammy :D Who know me, knows that I'm eating much and every single 2 hours LOL (sometimes is hard when I'm on because I can't eat haha).

So, my dears, here is almost evening so I'm getting ready to take a bath and after I would like to watch a movie. ICE AGE 2016 :D

Wish you a great day/night and see you on Tuesday 3pm my time :) Thank you for everything and many kisses for all of you!

Happy Easter!

Mar 27th @ 3:22pm EDT

Hiiiii my dears and wish you a Happy Easter! How are you? How you spend this wonderful and important day?

Well, Im in my hometown again. I came today after work.Visit my parents. Im sleepy because I took a nap and I woke up with you in my mind :)
Im in my bed, check my mails from you and thinking a lot about every each person.
Tomorrow I will wake up late. I like it hihi and I will prepare breakfast and of course the all day long I will play with my lovely dog Maxx. My baby!
Here the weather is cold and a lots of rainy.Im waiting for the summer so so much. I can't wait to get tan.
My parents are well. Im happy because I can spend some time with they, but in the same time I can t wait to go again online to see you. Wednesday Im on. For you! Ready to have fun, to dance and to make you smile :)

Thank you so much for everything guys. Thank you for your honesty and for these beautiful words. Every single day when Im with you make me feel so special. It s a nice feeling :)

Now, Im going to check my fridge haha.Im hungry and like always Im eating all the time lol.

Wish you a great day and love you!
Muuuuaaaahhhh and big hugs for everyoneeeeee!

My dears

Mar 21st @ 7:13pm EDT

How are you my dears? You have a nice Monday? Im writing here because I changed my schedule for tomorrow. Today I told you that I will be in the morning, but I had a breakdown of calcium in this evening and I will be on in the afternoon. 3pm the time of Romania, Bucharest. I can t wait to see you and I feel like I need you there for making me a nice afternoon. I really need one after all this bad feeling. I haven t had til now problems, but sometimes things like that can happens. And my advice for you all is to keep a good healthy and a good alimentation. Sorry because I need to give you news like this, but Im strong and I will be fine. And forever here for you :) Now is time to get some rest because I need and I wish I coukd stay with you guys all day long or all night long...

Well, be there tomorrow! Send you all my love and a biiiiiiig smiiiiiile. Good night for some of you and have a great day for the rest.

XOXOXOXO Muuuuuaahhhh! See youuuu! Hugs

My hometown :)

Mar 15th @ 6:05pm EDT

Hello again! Im glad that Im able to share here with you all my feelings and my moments. As I said yesterday, today I came to my hometown to see my parents and my lovely dog :D Hihi. I was so happy to play with him in my yard and also to run together in my garden. Here in Romania, it s almost midnight and Im getting ready for bed. Tomorrow I will have some things to do and also in the evening I would like to cook something (yammy hihi). By the way... What's your favorite food? Maybe I can do something for you too even we are far away, but the distance it doesn't matter when someone has a place in your heart :) My parents are very well and happy to see me, I will make a Twitter account as soon as possible and I will share with you more pics with me and about my life from outside :) Well, now it's time to get some rest, because I need to be up in the morning. Wish you a great night for some of you and a great day for the rest. We are on different time zone :D
Love you and see you Friiiiidaaaay! Get ready for some fun! Send you kisses and a big hug to melt your soul :) Muuuuaaaah! XOXO

For all of you :)

Mar 14th @ 3:04pm EDT

Hellooooooo guys. It s my first time when I'm posting something here, so I said to myself that I need to have some courage and let's know better each other through this way. I felt that I need to share with all of you the fact that soon I will have a month since I joined to you... I'm very happy to be next to you guys and in the same time I bet we will have fun together, we will share beautiful moments and we will build the most beautiful relationship and a strongest friendship :) Well, before to go to take a bath I would like to share that tomorrow after work Im going to my hometown to see my parents and my lovely dog. Hihi. Yes! I have a dog and he's my baby, my life, my everything! Im in love with the animals! This weekend I will work, so I will be here for you. I will have two days off so don't worry about me :D
I would like to know about your plans for the weekend and what are you cooking haha. YES! I'm curious and I wanna know because my hobby it's to cook during my free time :D Maybe in one day I can cook sometimg for you too haha. Next time I will write about my favorite food and about many many things :d I need support from you :D
Well, wish you a great week and see you soon with news. Take care about you and stay safe!
Rosse sending to you a tone of love and kisses and hugs!
Loveeee yooouuuuuu! Muuuaaahhhh :*:*:*

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