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Katina Davis

Customers rated Katina Davis 5 out of 5 based on 26 reviews

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Don`t be shy guys:)

Aug 5th @ 12:59pm EDT

Follоw me twitter: @KatinaWow .. join me instagram: katinawow .. feel free to PM

winter almost ending now

Feb 5th @ 10:25pm EST

Hey! im going to buy new dildo really soon,but im not sure what color and size to chose, i think its not have matter but it will be better to have one hot dick in my pussy, or maybe try double peneteration one day,i have no sex for really long time, so sometimes when i masturbate im really need dick here, because i have no sex for really long time, because i have no bf now. he left me because was too jealos.

something about my shows

Jan 20th @ 9:41pm EST

1.i like play with my pussy with panties on so you can see how they become wet for you.
2.Im really open minded you can tell me about your fetishes and we can try it together
3. I love oral play,sometimes gag,and deepthroat and messy saliva games.

Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou

Nov 4th @ 8:14pm EST

A poem about me:"
Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.
I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size
But when I start to tell them,
They think I'm telling lies.
I say,
It's in the reach of my arms
The span of my hips,
The stride of my step,
The curl of my lips.
I'm a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That's me.

I walk into a room
Just as cool as you please,
And to a man,
The fellows stand or
Fall down on their knees.
Then they swarm around me,
A hive of honey bees.
I say,
It's the fire in my eyes,
And the flash of my teeth,
The swing in my waist,
And the joy in my feet.
I'm a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That's me.

Men themselves have wondered
What they see in me.
They try so much
But they can't touch
My inner mystery.
When I try to show them
They say they still can't see.
I say,
It's in the arch of my back,
The sun of my smile,
The ride of my breasts,
The grace of my style.
I'm a woman

Phenomenal woman,
That's me.

Now you understand
Just why my head's not bowed.
I don't shout or jump about
Or have to talk real loud.
When you see me passing
It ought to make you proud.
I say,
It's in the click of my heels,
The bend of my hair,
the palm of my hand,
The need of my care,
'Cause I'm a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That's me."

happy birthday

Sep 3rd @ 9:16pm EDT

Charlene presented her long-time girlfriend, Ann, with a beautifully wrapped present. The two had been together since they were both freshmen in college. Ann was drawn to Charlene's beautiful smile and her wit. At first, Charlene hadn't been very receptive of Ann's overtures, but after a spontaneous d***ken fling, Charlene had fallen head over heels for Ann. Four happy years later, the two were celebrating Ann's birthday. At first glance, Ann and Charlene seemed like a typical lesbian couple, Charlene a buxom blonde and Ann a more modestly-endowed brunette, but Ann was a bit...different, at least from the waist down, where she sported an impressively large cock where a woman's clitoris normally would be. It is that woman, and that cock, that Charlene fell in love with. As time passed, Charlene had, for the most part, become the dominant one in the relationship, which Ann didn't mind at all.

"So what did you get me?" Ann asked with a smirk.

"Open it and find out," Charlene replied.

Ann tore away the wrapping paper, opening up the box, pulling out her gift.

"It's...huh?" Ann asked, confused. She was holding a giant strapon.

"Do you like it?" Charlene asked.

"But...I already have a dick..."

"Yeah, this is for me. I want to fuck you with it."

"W-what???" Ann yelped, surprised.

"Come on," Charlene goaded. "I've seen the way your pussy gushes when you fuck me with that huge cock of yours. I've heard you talk in your sl**p, wishing I had a dick."

"I...I don't..."

Charlene leaned forward and kissed her futa girlfriend on the mouth, Ann's mouth opening as she received the kiss, the girlfriends' tongues intertwining. As Charlene pulled back, a trail of spit hung from between their mouths.

"Char...I...I'm a virgin down there..."

"And who better to pop your cherry than me, your loving girlfriend?" Charlene goaded. "I know you want it...mmmh..."

Charlene kissed Ann again, taking the strapon from her with one hand, the other hand moving to Ann's crotch, where she began to massage Ann's growing bulge.

Breaking from the kiss, Charlene took a few steps back and began disrobing, Ann biting her lip as she watched.

"Ah, you like what you see," Charlene purred, her eyes fixated on Ann's ever-growing bulge, the dickgirl's cock straining to get out of her pants.

"It's good to see that after all these years, my little routine still turns you on, babe," Charlene said, removing her panties, exposing her already-dripping snatch to Ann, the dickgirl licking her lips. This action did not escape Charlene's gaze, and she laid on the floor, spreading her legs wide. "Come on, babe. Eat me out like only you can."

Ann complied, her cock heavily straining her pants. Getting on her hands and knees before her girlfriend, Ann's bulge sc****d the floor, much to her enjoyment, as she approached Charlene's wet pussy.

Ann extended her tongue and began to lick Charlene's inner thigh, sampling some of Charlene's juices. Charlene shivered as Ann began to lick closer and closer to her pussy, the dickgirl swirling her tongue around Ann's puffy pussy lips, sucking on Charlene's engorged clit.

"Mmmh...yeah...that's it...fuck, you're so good at this, Ann..." Charlene moaned, lost in a world of pleasure, her pussy totally at the mercy of Ann's tongue.

Charlene began moving her hips, thrusting her pussy into Ann's mouth, turning Ann on even more, her cock beginning to leak precum, a wet spot appearing in her pants, her bulge rubbing up against the floor.

"Oh,'re gonna make me cum!" Charlene moaned, squirming as Ann ate her out. "Ah, fuck! Here it comes!"

Charlene moaned hard as her pussy convulsed, spraying liquid all over Ann's face, the dickgirl drinking down her girlfriend's juices with relish.

"Oh...fuck...that was good..." Charlene moaned. "How did it taste, Ann?"

"Mmm...delicious..." Ann replied, licking her lips.

"I see you're pretty hard, Ann," Charlene said, cocking an eyebrow. "How about you let that monster out?"

Ann stood up, removing her pants, letting her cock free, its thick, hard length standing tall, a clean-shaven, wet pussy underneath. Ann had hoped that all this activity had made Charlene forget about the monster strapon that was now laying on the floor.

"God, your cock's so huge..." Charlene groaned, moving up to her knees, her face inches away from Ann's monster member. "I never get tired of looking at that huge cock of yours, Ann..."

"C-can you suck it?" Ann asked, mostly rhetorically.

"I can," Charlene replied, caressing the length of Ann's shaft, her hot breath warming up Ann's thick cock even more. "And I will."

Charlene ran her tongue up the length of Ann's thick, rock-hard shaft, stopping at the tip of Ann's penis to taste her precum. "Mmm, delicious," Charlene moaned before taking Ann's cock in her mouth. Due to the size of Ann's swollen cockhead, Charlene could only work a little bit in at a time. As Ann's cock inched deeper and deeper into Charlene's mouth, the dickgirl let out a quiet moan, her knob being slowly gobbled up by her girlfriend.

"Oh fuck...I think I'm...I'm gonna come..." Ann moaned.

Charlene looked up at her girlfriend, half of the dickgirl's cock stuffed into her mouth, and said, "MM-mmh." Pulling her head back, Charlene extracted Ann's cock from her mouth, much to the dickgirl's disappointment.

"Why did you...?" Ann started, before staring wide-eyed as Charlene picked up the strapon which had been laying on the floor. Ann supposed she couldn't escape that strapon forever.

"If you want to cum..." Charlene said seductively, strapping the giant dildo to her crotch, "you have to experience the present I got for you."

Ann gulped. She really wanted to cum, but she had never even taken a dildo of any serious size inside of her before, and certainly nothing even close to the size of the dildo attached to Charlene's waist! On the other hand, her pussy was pretty wet already, and she really wanted to cum. Besides, she had always dreamed of getting fucked by another girl with a cock. Even if this cock was fake, it would still be memorable.

"O-okay..." Ann gave in. "You can fuck me with that strapon."

"Oh no," Charlene replied. "This isn't a strapon. This is my cock, and as long as it's attached to me, you will call it as such. I want to be as much like a dickgirl, as much like you, during this experience as possible. Now get on your knees."

Ann complied, getting on her hands and knees, her bare pussy facing Charlene, her cock pointed at the floor, hard and throbbing, ready for release.

" gentle..." Ann whispered.

"Relax, babe," Charlene reassured her girlfriend. "I know it's your first time. Just relax."

Charlene lined up her strapon with Ann's weeping pussy, placing her hands on Ann's hips, the rock-hard tip of the giant strapon running against the entrance to Ann's pussy.

"Aah..." Ann moaned. "Put it in..."

"Put what in?" Charlene asked with a smirk.

"Put...put that huge cock inside my pussy, Char!"

"All right, babe," Charlene replied, nuzzling the tip of her strapon in Ann's pussy. "Here goes..."

Ann moaned as Charlene pushed the head of her strapon into Ann's cunt.

"Unf, something's resisting me," Charlene said. "Is it your hymen? Let's find out together, babe."

Charlene thrust her hips forward, Ann screaming as the dildo pierced her hymen. bl**d began to ooze out of her pussy, around the strapon Ann was being penetrated with.

"Did it hurt, babe?" Charlene asked. "Are you OK?"

"Y...yeah, it hurt," Ann replied. "But...the pain is subsiding now...p-please...keep going."

Charlene began thrusting her strapon in and out of Ann's tight, virginal cunt, Ann's moans of pain slowly beginning to turn to moans of pleasure, Charlene's thick strapon cock filling her tight cunt.

"How do you like my cock, babe?" Charlene moaned, thrusting as she had seen her girlfriend do to her so many times before.

" feels really good..." Ann replied, moaning as the pleasure within her pussy grew exponentially, Charlene's strapon doing things to her pussy that had never been done before.

"Do you love my cock, babe?"


"Go on, babe...say that you love my cock. I want you to scream it."

"Y...yes! I love your cock! It feels so good! Char, your cock feels so fucking good! I think...I'm going to cum soon! I'm going to cum from my pussy!!!"

"Yeah, babe!" Charlene yelled, bucking wildly, slamming her monster strapon in and out of Ann's cunt. "Cum for me! Cover my cock in your juices!"

"I'm...I'M CUMMING!!!" Ann screamed, pushing back on Charlene's strapon, her pussy tightening up on the hard rubber cock, juices pouring all over it, dripping out of her pussy, onto the floor.

Charlene pulled the strapon out of Ann's pussy, the dickgirl moaning as the entire thick, hard shaft of the dildo exited her cummy cunt.

"Ann..." Charlene said, lying back down on her back on the floor, strapon still attached, her pussy accessible, "It's time for your second birthday present. FUck me. FIll me with your cum."

Ann turned around, her cock jumping as she saw Charlene, lying on the floor, strapon sticking up high in the air, her legs splayed, her moist, inviting pussy beckoning Ann in. Ann wasted no time and went right to work on her girlfriend, the dickgirl slamming her massive cock into Charlene's tight pussy, both girls screaming as Ann hilted in Charlene.

"Oh fuck!" Charlene screamed. "I'm cumming! I'm already cumming, just from your huge cock entering me!!!"

Charlene screamed as her cunt unleashed a powerful orgasm, tightening up hard on Ann's cock, which was already at its limit, the dickgirl buckling under the pressure.

"I'm cumming too!!!" Ann screamed, her cock exploding inside of Charlene, unleashing a powerful torrent of cum deep into Charlene's womb.

"Fuck yeah! Fill me up with your cum!" Charlene screamed, cumming even harder as she felt Ann's tremendous orgasm within her.

"Oh god! I'm cumming so much! It feels so good!!!" Ann screamed. The dickgirl was shooting so much cum into her girlfriend that Charlene's pussy was totally filled up in a matter of seconds, the pressure forcing Ann's fat dick out of Charlene's cunt, the dickgirl spraying the rest of her remaining load all over Charlene's stomach, chest, and face, thick ribbons of cum painting the strapon-clad woman a pearly white.

"Ah...fuck...that was so good..." Charlene moaned, covered in cum, her girlfriend's massive orgasm finally complete.

Lying down on the floor next to her girlfriend, Ann leaned over and kissed Charlene's cheek, sampling a bit of her own cum in the process.

"Happy birthday," Charlene whispered.

"You're the best girlfriend a dickgirl could ask for," Ann said at last. "I love you, Char."

"I love you too, Ann," Charlene replied, the lovers cuddling up, both girls living (and fucking) happily ever after.

first time sex

Sep 3rd @ 7:46pm EDT

I couldn't believe I said yes to this and I actually went through with it. I laid naked on the bed, covering my breasts with one hand and the other covering my pussy. He wasn't a bad looking guy but I couldn't bring myself to having sex with someone else, I've only had my husband in me and I was afraid. "Is this your first time?" he asks caressing my right hand which is over my breasts. I shook my head up and down "well don't worry honey, we don't have to if you don't want to" those words made me feel a bit more at ease, he gently remove my right hand above my breasts and place it on my side, "you have lovely breasts" he says as he kisses the side of my breast "oh my gosh" I thought and turned my head to the side, I could hear his lady friend or wife moaning on the next bed, my husband was already in between her legs licking her. I closed my eyes and felt tears running up my eyes "it's ok baby" he whispers in my ear and held me tight. He didn't have to do that but he was being gentle. I let go and held him hard as tears continued to run down my cheeks, I didn't make any sound not wanting my husband to be mad at me. nnI looked over at them again and this time he was on top of her missionary style and her moaning got louder. I was watching my husband fuck another woman... but I did agree to this. He caresses my back and strokes my hair, kisses my cheek and wiped off the tears. I looked into his eyes and he smiled, I tried to smile back, then he kisses me gently on the lips, then on my cheeks and back to my lips. This time I felt his tongue run on my lower part of my lip and I slightly opened my mouth. Still shaking, I met his tongue with mine... He was very patient and took his time caressing me, making me feel comfortable. nnHe kissed my neck and made his way slowly to my right breast and kissed it, then I felt his warm wet tongue on my nipple, his hand massaged my breast as he took it in his mouth, I kept my eyes closed but placed my hand on his head caressing his hair, he switched over to my left breast and licks it, I felt his teeth nibbling on my nipple... her moaning got louder and I could hear him panting... I opened my eyes and looked at them again, its as if I was watching a live porn... wait... it is a live porn... I felt him kiss and lick my belly button, and licks down to my pubic hair. He rubbed his face on my hair, I looked down at him, he reached over and held on to both my breasts as his mouth found my mound. I remember letting out a soft moan and looked over at my husband again, I really wish he was the one between my legs right now. But I did feel a lot more relaxed at that point. He opened my legs wider and took my big clit in his mouth and started sucking it. "Oh shit" I said "oh wow... aaaahh" I moaned placing one hand over his head, I felt his eyes watching me and I tried to stare back at him, he stopped sucking it and then licked the tip of my clit really fast with his tongue... I felt a light squirt come out of my pussy. He kissed my thighs then back to my clit and he kissed and licked his way back up to my mouth, I tasted myself in his mouth, this time I held his head and opened my mouth wide to take his tongue in it. nnHe finally laid down on my stomach, and oh my goodness, this guy had to be the most patient man I know, but this happened so fast I didn't see it coming... I simply felt my pussy lips spread wider than it had ever been, I tried to scream... moan or something, but no sound came out. I remember digging my nails in his back, he had pushed his entire dick inside of me, I felt his big balls resting on my asshole, I was still shocked "it's not too big is it honey?" he whispered in my ears, I didn't answer, I felt him pulling out and I was a bit relieved, he must have taken a long time to pull it out or his dick was really long than he rams it back inside of me, this time I let out a cry "aaaahh... fuck" I said trying to push him out of me, but he held on tight. I looked over at my husband in hopes of him rescuing me, but he was too busy fucking MRs. Whatever her name was... "Relax baby I'll go slow now" he said pulling my face back to meet his, his hips started moving really slow as his dick moved in ad out gently of my stretched pussy. The pain slowly faded away, I held on to him very tightly as he continued to fuck my pussy. nnHe kisses me again, I held on to his head as we caressed each others tongues, "is it better now?" he asked "yea" I answered "thank you". He smiled and placed his hands under my shoulders, "Let me know when its too much ok?" he said and started picking up the pace, my pussy was really wet, I could truly feel myself squirting with every thrust inside of me. I was now moaning as loud as the other woman, I thought I saw my husband peeked over, I grabbed my legs and opened them wider, I hoped he was watching, this guy was a fucking pro at what he did, he took long strokes from tip to balls in my pussy and each one I felt in my belly "oh shit... so big" I shouted. I heard him giggle a little "FAP FAP FAP" the sound of him ramming his big dick inside my wet pussy... "FAP FAP FAP" "oh shiiiiiit... " I remember screaming "I'm cumming.... Fuck... don't stop... don't stop" He rams his cock inside of me a few more times and pulled out, I screamed louder and squirted all over his chest and dick, he pushed me back down on the bed and penetrated me again... This time I know my husband was watching, I turned my head to look at them and they both had this shocking look on their faces, I smiled and crossed my legs around his body "fuck me" I said to him pulling his head down and kissing him. nn"Let me know when you want me to cum" he said me while pounding my wet hole "don't cum yet" I said grabbing his ass cheeks and pushing him to fuck me harder "I want to enjoy this big dick in my pussy" "ok" he said... my pussy had never been fucked like this and I aimed to enjoy it. I turned my head to look at my husband and his girl or wife... and they were both watching us, I smiled and waived at them, he turned me around and took me doggy style, I swear my husbands jaw musta hit the ground when he saw how big and long this guys dick was "FAP FAP FAP" he held on tight to my hips "FAP FAP FAP" I was squirting and moaning, I held on tight to the pillow and tried to make eye contact with my husband as much as I could "FAP FAP FAP" "shiiiitt... yyeess... yeeeeesss... right there... right there" I screamed "I'm cumming" he screamed and rammed his dick all the way inside and released his hot load. "Ooohh man... aaaaaaaahhh... shit" he was screaming as he continued to shoot his load in me "ffuucckk... damn... he fell on my back "you got good fucking pussy" he said still inside of me and kissed the back of my sweaty neck, I felt him move in and out slowly, his goo was slowly coming out with each stroke of his dick. nnAfter we all got dressed and said our goodbyes, we left the motel and went to our cars "baby" my loving husband said to me "I thought you stopped taking the pills?" "I did," I answered opening my door and sitting down. nnOn the way home, we hardly said two more words to each other. n


Sep 3rd @ 5:19pm EDT

Molly sat on the couch with her college roommate, Stacey. Karen walked through the living room. "If Patrick gets here before I'm ready, tell him I'm running a little late." Karen said.
"Okay." Molly said.
Karen started up the stairs. "Try and behave yourself around him."
"I know, you've already told me that."
"I'm serious, Molly. Fuck him all you want tomorrow, but leave him alone tonight."
"Fine." Molly said, annoyed.
Karen went upstairs to get ready.

"Your mom knows you've fucked him?" Stacey asked.
"You told her?"
"Not exactly, she saw a picture of me, after he and I had fucked. She's always known I've liked him, so it wasn't hard to figure out that once I was old enough that I would fuck him. I've told you all of this."
"No, you told me about the times you were with him."
"We should totally mess with him when he gets here." Molly said.
"What do you mean?"
"We should sit really close together, casually rub each others legs, maybe make out a little."
"That would be fun."
"Oh my God, if we really want to mess with him we should put on pantyhose or stockings. That drives him crazy."
"Oh yeah, I asked him about it once, he said he wasn't sure what it was about them, but it just got him so hard. Believe me, it does."
"Is he good?"
"In bed?"
Stacey nodded.
"God, yes."
"How big did you say he is?"
"I'd say 8 inches, easy. Somewhat thick, but not so thick you can't fit it in your mouth."
"Do you think he would fuck me?"
"Of course."
"Yes. You really want to fuck him?"
"Maybe. You said he's really good, hard to say no to that. I've kind of wanted to try anal for a while, do you think he would do that?"
"Are you k**ding? Every time he's fucked me it was up the ass." Molly said.
"Seriously? Only the ass?"
Molly nodded. "That's where I always asked him to fuck me. I have a strap on, we could try it if you really want to."
"I'd really like to try it with Patrick."
"That's cool, I totally recommend it. God, Stacey."
"Your nipples are about to poke through your shirt."
Stacey looks down, a little embarrassed. They both giggled. There was a knock at the door.


I grabbed my phone and keys and walked across the street to Karen's house. I knocked on the door and waited. I heard footsteps and the door swung open. Molly was standing there, her hair was in a ponytail. She was wearing short shorts and a tight tank top. "Hey, Patrick. Come in." I walked inside.
"My mom said she was running a little late, she just went upstairs to get ready, like, five minutes ago."
"That's fine."
Molly grabbed my hand and led me into the living room. "Let's sit in here."
There was a girl sitting on the couch looking at her phone. I sat down in a chair, Molly sat beside the girl.
"This is my roommate from college, Stacey."
"Hi, Stacey."
Stacey had long brown hair, brown eyes, and was around 5'1", it was hard to say since she was sitting down. She was built similar to Molly. She was dressed the same as Molly, only different colors of clothing, her hair was also in a ponytail. She put her phone down. Molly had her hand resting on Stacey's leg. She was light tracing it back and forth. Both girls' nipples were fighting against the cloth of their tank tops, it was cool in the house, but certainly not cold.
"What have you been up to?" Molly asked.
"This and that." I said.
"So mysterious."

My phone chimed, I pulled it out of my pocket to check it. It was a text message from Karen, it said she had just gotten out of the shower, it said she would be ready in 15-20 minutes. I had had a bit of a headache during the day, it was getting a little more annoying.
"Do you have any aspirin in the kitchen?" I asked Molly.
"Sure, cabinet by the refrigerator, help yourself."
I got up and went in the kitchen. I thought I could hear the girls whispering. I found the aspirin and took a couple. When I walked around the corner, Molly and Stacey were making out. I coughed, as I entered the living room. They stopped and looked at me, smiling. I knew Molly was playing games with me, it's practically her favorite thing to do.
"We were talking about you right before you got here." Molly said.
"Oh yeah?"
"Why were you doing that?"
They looked at each other.
"Stacey was saying that she wants to get ass fucked. I told her that you ass fucked me really good. Maybe she should ask you to do it."
Stacey turned red. I had a decision to make, I could wave it off as Molly being herself, or I could actually consider it. Stacey was definitely attractive. I looked at Stacey.
"Is that true, or is Molly just causing trouble?"
"I don't cause trouble."
"I wasn't talking to you." I said. Stacey looked at me.
"I was asking her about it."
"You've never tried it?"
"No experimentation?"
"Why do you want to try it, then?"
"I've heard things."
"How old are you Stacey?"
I glanced at Molly, she gave a slight nod of her head.
"How long are you going to be in town?"
"For the weekend."
"I could possible arrange something. I guess you can bring that slut with you."
"I love it when you talk dirty to me." Molly said.

Karen came walking down the stairs, I saw her legs first. She was wearing open toed heels, black stockings, and a black cocktail dress. She looked amazing. I watched her all the way down the stairs and into the living room. "Hi, Patrick. I'm almost ready, sorry I'm late." she said.
"Take your time."
Karen walked into the kitchen. Molly and Stacey were giggling. They were looking a my crotch, I wasn't close to fully aroused, but there was a little arousal happening.
"That's not even close to fully erect." I said, winking.
"I swear to God, that was because my mom is wearing stockings." Molly whispered to Stacey. Karen came back out of the kitchen.
"I'm ready now." she said.
I walked over to Karen and gave her a kiss on the cheek.
"You girls behave, we'll be back around midnight." Karen said.
"Okay, mom. You two have fun. Bye, Patrick."
"Goodbye, Molly. It was nice to me you Stacey."
"You too, Patrick."
Karen and I left.

"He's right. He wasn't close to fully erect." Molly said.
"I have to fuck him." Stacey said. Molly smiled.
"Come on, let's go play upstairs."


We got in the car and took off for the gathering. I looked over at Karen, then her legs.
"Are you going to be able to wait until later?"
"For what?"
"You know what, don't play dumb with me."
"I'll be fine, will you?"
"I knew I shouldn't have wore these stockings."
"You absolutely should have."
She smiled.
"What did you think of Stacey?" she asked.
"She seemed quiet and reserved."
"Not really. I suspect Molly was probably embarrassing her."
"You would be correct."
"Not a shock."
"Is she actually 20?"
She looked over at me.
"Yes, why?"
"I didn't really believe her when she told me."
"Why did you ask her how old she was?"
"Molly said they were roommates, so I asked how old she was."
Karen just looked at me.


Molly and Stacey sat on the bed, naked.
"What does he like?" Stacey asked.
"What do you mean?"
"What really turns him on?"
"Can you deepthroat?"
"Well, he really likes that. He also likes it when you play with his balls."
"Hold on."
Molly grabs a bag from the closet and sits back down beside Stacey.
"What's that?" Stacey asked.
"A dildo."
Molly removes a dildo from the bag. It was 7 inches long with fake balls at the base.
"This might be hard to do with these balls, but I think I can do it."
Molly sticks the ball in her mouth, and strokes the dildo. Stacey watches intently. Molly stops the demonstration.
"He likes that, a lot. But you have to run your tongue around the balls. Here, let me show you."
Molly cups Stacey's breast in her hand, gently rubbing around the nipple. Molly puts Stacey's nipple in her mouth and twirls her tongue around it.
"Like that."
"God, that was good." Stacey said.
"How far can you take a cock in your mouth?"
"It depends on how big it is."
"Good point."
Molly removes an 8 inch dildo from her nightstand. Stacey's eyes bulge, slightly.
"That's pretty much how big he is." Molly said.
"I have no gag reflex, so I can take it, fairly easily. I want you to try it."
Stacey gets almost half of it, before she has to stop.
"That was pretty good, for one that big."
Stacey wipes her eyes.
"Thanks. How can you take the whole thing? I mean, I know how, if you don't have a gag reflex, but God, it's big."
"It's not easy, I usually have to work up to it. I can't just shove the thing down my throat. It takes some practice. If you can do the thing with his balls, you'll be fine. You don't have to be able to deepthroat him."
"All this talk is making me so wet." Stacey said.
She leans over and kisses Molly. They take turns going down on each other, giving each other an orgasm.
"Do you want to fuck me in the ass with my strap on? I'm sure Patrick won't be available tonight." Molly asked.
Stacey looks nervous.
"It'll be fun, I promise. You won't hurt me, I'll talk you through it."
"Okay, let's do it."


We had just left the gathering and were on our way home, I reached over and placed my hand on Karen's leg. I ran my hand up her skirt, My fingers passed over the tops of her stocking and reached her bare thigh. I ran my finger underneath the top lifted it up and let go of it so it slapped against her leg. She gasped. I smiled at her.
"Should I drive to your house or my mine?"
"I don't think we should do anything at my house with Molly and Stacey there."
"You're probably right."
"Maybe we should get together another night. I'm tired."
This was unusual.
"I do have to get up early tomorrow, so that's fine with me."
We drove on for a few minutes. We were about 15 minutes away from being home, when Karen reached across and placed her hand in my lap. I glanced over at her, she smiled. I turned back to the road, she unzipped my pants, and withdrew my cock.
"I can't help it, I have to at least suck your cock. Would you like that?"
I nodded.
"Good, because it's been too long, since it was in my mouth and down my throat."
She was stroking my cock, it was rock hard. She leaned across the console, I felt spit hit the head of my cock and run down the shaft. She started stroking it again to lubricate it. She flicked her tongue on the head, then began sucking. I put the car in cruise control, one less thing for me to worry about. I just had to keep the car on the road and not look like a d***k, because her mouth is magical. We were a few minutes from being home, when I was getting close.
"I'm just about there, try not to get any on my pants." I joked.
She slapped my leg. She slowed down, to antagonize me, I put my hand on the back of her head and went at the speed I needed.
"Oh, fuck." I moaned.
Karen stopped and sat back in her seat. I looked at her.
"Pull over." she said.
"Pull over."
I found a spot, two blocks from the house.
"Get out." she said.
We both got out, she walked to the back of the car. She knelt down with her back against the car and went to work. She took my balls in her mouth and stroked me, it doesn't matter if it's her or Molly doing it, it's always difficult to hold out. Although Karen is a little better at it than Molly. About a minute after my balls were in her mouth I was about ready to blow, I tapped her shoulder. She stroked faster, then stopped, she motioned with her hands for me to take over. I grabbed my aching cock and started stroking while she had my balls in her mouth, a few seconds I shot my load. Most of it went over her head onto the trunk of her car, some inevitable, went in her hair. I tried to keep it from happening, but it was impossible. She eventually removed my balls from her mouth, I back away from her. She stood up and looked at the trunk, there was quite a bit on it. She bent over and sucked it up, like a vacuum. She looked at me and smiled, we got back in the car.
"What the fuck was that?" I asked.
"I wanted to know what it would feel like to have your balls in my mouth when you came. It was a different feeling."
"I tried to keep it out of your hair."
"It's fine, we're almost home. How did it feel?"
"Glad you liked it."

We pulled in the driveway, made sure she got inside okay, and walked across the street to my house.


Sep 3rd @ 5:18pm EDT

u wanna know how? ill tell u how
Jemma wakes up in Natalies bed, arms and legs bound togther behind her back, legs brought back and arms pulled down so her forearms r against her calves, then wrapped tight in rope binding her helplessly her body arched and vulnerable

when i hear her struggle i cum in with clamps and chains, attach 2 clamps on each lip and pull outwards wrapping the chains around her thighs stretching her lips open, i call Natalie and she walks in, her lips opened in the same way with a long double ended dildo sticking out
i order Natalie on the bed on all 4\'s and feed the toy into Jemma after its all gone she begins fucking u as fast as she can, her body slamming into Jemma hard im biting Jemma nipples pinching her clit

begin tugging on Jemma clit everytime Natalie rams her kissing licking and biting my way down from her beautiful breasts when my lips reach her clit i begin fingering Natalies ass teeth working Jemma clit as 2 fingers slide in and out Natalie\'s rear
im biting Jemma around her pussy finally i push Natalie away with the dildo still in her \'u want sum fun go make her suck ur dick Natalie\' yeah come on bitch get it in your mouth, suck it clean

ur juice running down ur ass and i push my fingers inside ur tight backdoor 2 to start with, then 3....i stop for a moment \'hey Natalie, u wanna hear Jemma scream for a change\' got a braided leather belt?
when Natalie goes to get it i pull the dildo out of Jemma throat biting her clit even harder and pushing my fingers deeper
when Natalie gives me the belt i fold it in half and give Jemma 1 hard stroke on her pussy

would u like togive her 1 Natalie i hand it back to Natalie and watch with excitement, i take the belt again and wrap the ends around my hands laying it on Jemma clit then sliding up and down
1 hand between her legs and the other above her belly as i poish her clit with the rough leather polish she not screaming loud enough?
i pass 1 end under her body and pull hard as i speed up *her clit pushed in and it is riding in her ass crack now as well think she can scream louder?

i make Natalie help me get Jemma up on her knees, we each grab an end sliding as fast as possible while pulling as much as we can cum pouring out of her pussy, bright red now, while Natalie begins eating u i move round and sit on Jemma face pinching and twisting her nipples and digging nails into her big tits remember Natalie, u wanna make em cum hard an fast, use ur teeth

i motion for Natalie to move and raise my arm above my head, bringing it down hard as i can smacking Jemma tender cunt muffled as u scream into my pussy, i think its time Natalie got the strapons u want her ass or pussy?, after we get them on i tell u to crawl under her i rub ur cock against her wet snatch getting it wet before pushing it in her ass

i grab Jemma\'s legs and pull her down forcing most of it in then put the tip of mine in her pussy grab ur shoulders, then lunge forward giving u most another hard push and i bury it, kissing ur chest and neck as i begin fucking ur hot wet hole Natalie up ur ass and me riding ur pussy, while we fuck Jemma holes i lean over \'u really wanna pound her ass babe\' i grab Natalie\'s arms and lean over and we roll over, me on the bottom and Natalie on top

leaning my head back tender nips with my teeth wraps my legs around Natalie\'s, arms reach past Jemma and grabs Natalie\'s shoulders, and i pull her down hard as i can squeezing together driving both toys deep into Jemma

i love oral 2

Sep 3rd @ 5:17pm EDT

As Richard led me downstairs from his bedroom, I was still
kind of dully excited. It's the sort of thing that happens to me
occasionally when I get sexually excited up to a point - but have
no climax. My pussy is tender, kind of itchy/achy deep inside the
flesh of the lips. My clitoris is swollen and I feel little shocks
of pleasure when I walk. I was still very wet - he had given me
no opportunity to wipe myself off or anything - and I was intensely
conscious of that, since I would never just walk around like that.
As we passed my bedroom, he told me he would meet me
downstairs in the living room. I went in, found the paper and pen
in the dressing table, where he said it would be, and wrote down
the name of the stockings as I had been instructed. Then I went
into the bathroom to "brush my hair".
The hairbrush he had spoken of was on a counter to the right
of the sink. As I picked it up, I saw that it was round, with
bristles all around. It had a small head - almost like a c***d's
brush, I thought. I raised my skirt and petticoat up with my left
hand and, looking in the mirror to see what I was doing, I began
to brush my pubic hair.
I had never done this before, and I was surprised at how good
it felt. Of course, I was so excited that any attention paid to
the area around my pussy was going to be pleasurable. But this was
relaxingly exciting. It kept the thrills of electricity jumping
through the lips of my pussy and each tiny tug pulling on the lips
made my clit throb. I could have gotten lost in the feeling - but
I knew without his having told me that Richard expected me to do
what I had been told and get downstairs immediately. So I
concentrated on brushing and sort of twisting the handle of the
brush as I stroked, which made my pubic hair fluff out the way
Richard wanted it. There was something very strange about styling
my pubic hair for a man I had only met once before and with whom
I had not even gone to bed yet - but it was exciting and kind of
nasty, which was exactly what I wanted!
I finished and smoothed the dress and crinoline back into
place. I was happy to see that, even though Richard had made me
stand with the skirt bunched up over my waist for quite a while,
it still looked unwrinkled and presentable. I wanted to look good
for him - particularly for this first meeting.
As I entered the living room, I saw that Richard was sitting
in an easy chair, sipping a glass of champagne. I walked over
toward his chair, but didn't get too close. I was unsure what he
wanted of me, and preferred to be safe rather than sorry.
"Come over here in front of me and lift your skirt so I can
see how you look," Richard ordered.
I stopped about 3 feet in front of him and lifted the skirt.
He sat there for a moment studying me, then nodded and told me to
let my skirt down.
"That's good, Michelle," he said. "From now on, when you're
with me, you'll pay particular attention to your pussy hair for me.

I want you to brush it often, like that. I like it to be brushed,
on either side, away from the lips, so they are clearly visible.
You have thick, luxuriant hair there. While it's attractive, we
don't want it to cover up those lips." He smiled at me. "When you
shower, I will expect you to use shampoo and conditioner on it, as
you would the hair on your head. Since it pleases me to see your
pussy hair looking good, it will please you to make sure that it
does. Understood?"
"Yes, Master," I replied, my eyes directed toward his crotch,
as I had been ordered to do earlier. For the first time, I thought
that I detected more there than usual. It looked like he had a bit
of a hard-on! Thank God!! Maybe I was finally turning him on!
"We have reservations this evening at a restaurant down in
TriBeCa called "211". Are you all ready to go out?"
"Yes, Master," I responded. I was becoming very careful. I
would have liked to say that I was ready, unless he wanted me to
dress differently, or anything. I would not, by myself or with
others, have gone to TriBeCa wearing what I was wearing. It was
the artists' section of New York, and everyone down there,
practically, wore black cotton everything in the summer. But I
knew that to do more than simply reply would be to incur his anger.
"Good! I have a small evening bag here for you to carry. It
has everything in it that you might need. No need to open it and
look - just take it with you."
"Yes, Master," I meekly replied - but I was immediately
suspicious. Why didn't he want me to look into the bag?
I followed him out the front door and stood on the landing
while he locked the door and set the alarm. It was a beautiful
late summer evening - warm enough to be comfortable wearing very
little, but not hot enough for me to be uncomfortable with the
petticoat and stockings I was wearing.
We walked out to the sidewalk and toward Seventh Avenue to
look for a cab. He took my arm, and to everyone who passed us we
must have looked like two "normal" lovers. I felt relaxed and
comfortable with him - but I couldn't escape the novel feeling of
my naked pussy under my dress, and the coolness as the breeze
occasionally found the small drops of moisture that coated the
outer part of the lips.
After a short ride down to the lower part of Manhattan, we
drew up in front of a really lovely restaurant set in the street
floor of a manufacturing and warehouse building. Out front were
a number of tables. One, it turned out, had been reserved for us
a table for four with two chairs on adjoining sides, just to the
left of the front door.
I sat down in the chair closest to the street. The platform
the tables were on was elevated about four feet above street level,
so we had a great view of the passing parade of pedestrians.
Richard sat on my left. He ordered champagne for himself and
seltzer water for me (since I don't drink) and settled back,
getting comfortable. It was obvious that all the waiters and
waitresses knew him and deferred to him as one would to a favored
As we reviewed the menu, Richard told me to relax and talk
"normally" to him. He would not, at this stage in our
relationship, f***e me to call him "Master" in public, he said.
Although it was nice to relax and enjoy the evening, there was a
certain "edge" that I had already begun to enjoy in our roles of
master/slave that I sort of missed.
Dinner was delicious. After salad and the main course, we
both elected only coffee for desert. I was full - and some of the
excitement, which had subsided while we ate our meal and talked
quietly, was coming back. I had butterflies in my stomach,
remembering the purpose of the weekend, and assuming that we would
get back to that purpose when we got back to the apartment.
As we sipped our coffee, I felt Richard's hand on the inside
of my left thigh. The skirt was short and rode up quite a ways as
I sat - so my legs were almost completely bare under the
tablecloth. No one could see as he stroked and caressed me -
within a few feet of other diners and right above the heads of the
pedestrians. I sat, not moving, as his hand went higher and
higher, above the top of my stocking. He stroked the sensitive
skin of my groin, between my thighs and my pussy, with just the
tips of his fingers. In fact, his hand flitted here and there all
around my pussy and my clit -but never touched either. I was
churning with excitement, and my lips were wet, again, from it.
I wanted him to touch me there so badly - but I could only sit
there casually chatting with him, putting on a front for the other
When I thought I couldn't take it any more, he suddenly
stopped teasing me. His hand rose from my legs and, grasping my
left hand, drew it under the tablecloth and down to his lap. When
he let go, I realized that his zipper was down and his cock was
exposed! For a moment, my hand just lay there. I was too shocked
to do anything about it. I looked at him, and his eyes bored into
mine. The meaning was clear, of course, and slowly (careful not
to make a movement which would be seen by others) I took his hard
cock in my hand.
It was much larger than I had thought. Thicker and longer,
from the feel of it, than most of the cocks I had experienced
before. I began to stroke him and found that he was not
circumcised, which surprised me. For some reason, he was the first
uncircumcised man I had ever been with. I enjoyed the feeling of
the foreskin sliding up and back over the head of his cock - and
the excitement of feeling the head stick further and further out
until it was fully exposed. As I slowly stroked his cock, he
carried on a perfectly normal conversation - as though nothing at
all were going on! I had never encountered a man who was so calm
and collected. I, meanwhile, was dripping wet and dying to go back
to the apartment and (as I thought to myself) really get going!
After I had stroked him for a few minutes, he leaned his head
close to mine and whispered:
"I want you to go into the Ladies' Room. If you need to, you
may relieve yourself now - and I would suggest it, since you may
not have another opportunity for some time. When you are through,
I want you to wash your pussy clean - I want it fresh and sweet
smelling. In your bag you'll find a brush similar to the one you
used back in your bathroom. You'll also find something else that
I want you to wear. It should be obvious how it works. It had
better be, since you'll be punished if you don't get it right. Now
leave immediately!"
We were obviously back to Master/Slave - and I was delirious
with excitement, again. I regretfully let go of his cock and stood
up, walking toward the rear of the restaurant, looking for the rest
rooms. When I found the Ladies' Room, I sat down immediately and
urinated - I had been holding it in for quite a while, and it had
started to get uncomfortable in the last few minutes. It was a
relief to be able to pee. When I was finished and had flushed the
toilet, I walked over to the sink and carefully washed myself using
the fine scented soap and paper towels I found there. After I
dried myself off, I looked in my handbag for the brush. It was in
there, all right - underneath a cock-shaped thing about five inches
long and quite fat. It had an adjustable, elasticized set of half-
inch straps that was clearly designed to hold it in place, with one
strap to go over it and between the legs which joined another
around the waist. As he said - it was obvious how it worked! I
brushed the hair away from my pussy lips and spread them open. I
had never used a dildo before, but I was excited and trembling at
the thought. I carefully slid it into my pussy and tightened the
straps to hold it firmly in position inside me. It was strange to
move around and feel this thing in me - and very sexy! When I was
sure it wouldn't fall out or move a great deal, I again used the
brush to style my pubic hair the way Richard liked it.
I walked back out to the table, feeling the dildo inside me
and almost falling down with the continual flow of pleasure from
my pussy. I reached the table and sat down, allowing the dress to
ride way up my thighs again, nearly exposing the tops of my nylons.

I wanted to reach over and stroke his cock, again, but I was afraid
to take permission to do that for granted. And I knew we were back
to the stage where I was not expected to initiate any discussions
so I just sat and waited to be told what to do.
"The check's paid, my dear. Let's walk a bit before we get
a cab, shall we?"
He took my arm, led me down the steps and started walking
west, which I knew wasn't the direction we'd go if we were looking
for a cab. He was just roaming around, and it was a nice night and
everything - but I had a dildo in me that was doing things that I
had never felt before with each step! I just prayed that soon we'd
be heading home and I could have the climax I'd been building
toward for several hours, now!

hi guys

Sep 3rd @ 5:16pm EDT

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Mouthful of Spunk

Aug 27th @ 2:46am EDT

I was relaxing after work, it had been a busy day. The doorbell rang, and I duscovered a UPS deliveryman at my door. He handed me a package, I signed for it, and took it inside. Opening it, I discovered a DVD, and a note. The note said,


I have a DVD that I think you would like to see. Think of it as a trip down memory lane. I'll be in touch later.

Hmm, cryptic and interesting. I quickly slid the DVD into the player, and sat down in front of the TV. I groaned inwardly as the images filled the screen. A decade ago, as a college freshman, I had the idea of participating in a wet T shirt contest. I was young, naive, and horny, I was something of a college slut. I just couldn't help it, my clit was always throbbing from being around all the college studs. When my cunt wanted to be fucked by all those hard, hot cocks, there was no stopping me, and I used lots of them to satisfy my lust. There I was, in nothing but very skimpy panties and a wet T shirt, being declared the winner. But it got worse. To celebrate my victory, I tore off my T shirt. I shook my tits at the crowd, and fired up, they chanted for me to take it off, take it all off. With encouragement like that, and the idea that horny young studs were getting stiff, solid hard cocks from watching me, very soon my panties hit the floor, and there I was, bare ass naked on the stage. Shaking my tits at the crowd, prancing and strutting around, bumping and grinding my hips, thrusting my pubic area at the crowd of horny college boys, letting them know I was just as horny and eager to get fucked as they were to fuck me. Of course, that led to me being invited to a party, where I was gang banged by 12 guys who had been in the crowd. I had been hot to trot, I wanted sex, I wanted it hot, long and deep, I wanted it in every hole I had. My cunt started to heat up as I watched it. I was primed, with 12 hot, well hung studs ready to do me. For the first time in my life, all 3 of my hot, horny holes were filled with stiff cocks at the same time. Oh, I remembered the feeling of having all my horny holes plugged at the same time, my first triple penetration, fuck, was it hot. They formed up, and 3 guys would do my 3 holes long hard and deep. After they had all emptied their thobbing cocks deep inside me, then 3 more would do me. Watching as they fucked my ass, cunt and mouth all at the same time, brought back all the sensations of what it felt like to be triple fucked. My cunt was ready starting to ache now, my clit was throbbing. On the screen their cocks were making me cum again and again. The camera that had recorded me at the contest was at the party, and every grunt, every cock that plunged deep, and every orgasm that I exploded with were recorded. I remembered the feelings, and watching myself pulling a horny train was making me horny as hell. During the gang bang, I could hear the guys telling me I had tight, cocksucker lips as I sucked their throbbing cocks, getting a mouthful of thick spunk from every cock. They also told me what a nice tight cunt and asshole I had, and how good it felt to shoot their loads up my tight back door and my tight milking cunt. I remember how incredible it felt, getting fucked in all 3 holes at the same time, and what it felt like when their throbbing cocks exploded, filling every hole with a thick flood of spunk. After every one had fucked each hole, they formed a circle around me. They stroked their cocks, my face turned up to them, and soon every one sprayed their loads all over my face, giving me a very juicy, hot facial. That also made me hot, remembering what it felt like to get sprayed down with their cum.

The DVD ended with a closeup of my face, splattered with thick ropes of spunk, my face covered with 12 thick loads of spunk. I got my rabbit vibrator, and started the DVD again. As the scenes of me getting triple fucked started to roll, I shoved the vibrator up me, and turned him on high. My first orgasm was almost immediate, I screamed and thrashed as my orgasm tore into me. I kept it going, humping my hips up and down, watching myself get fucked in every hole, remembering how fantastic it felt, and roaring from one orgasm to another, my rabbit vibrator powering my climaxes along. When the DVD ended, and the last cock had sprayed its load across my face, after countless orgasms, I finally sprawled, sated, across my couch.

After a while, when the fog of lust has disappated, I started to wonder what was going on. I am the owner and publisher of the Miami Journal, and I was proud of the reputation of my newspaper, and by extension, me. I am 28, stand 5 feet 10 inches tall, have natural blonde hair, firm and 100 percent natural 38DD tits, an hourglass figure, with my waist nipping into a 24 before my hips flare out to a 38, and have what has been described as an angelic face. I had worked hard to put the wildness of my horny college days behind me. I was engaged to Donald Clemser. He was Florida's second wealthiest and most eligible bachelor, 10 years my senior, and I did not need any bad publicity about my earlier wild college days.

The next day, I was jumpy at work. No contact yet, and I was nervous. But, just after lunch, I received the call.

"Hello Miss Madigan, my name is Richard Staunton, I hope you enjoyed the DVD I sent you?"

Aware of the surroundings, I answered, "Yes, I did, I'm so glad you sent it to me."

He replied, "Good, good, I think we should get together to discuss a business proposition that I am sure you will want to invest in. How does 8 PM this evening sound? I am at the Excelsior hotel, room 1201. See you then."

I could hear the click of the line as he hung up. Okay, this was it.

At 7:40 I took a cab to the Excelsior hotel. Richard Staunton, that bastard, had summoned me, and I had no choice. As the cab merged into downtown traffic, I sat back, and thought about what had happened.

At 5 minutes to eight, I was at his door. I knocked, and he was in the doorway. I swept my eyes over him, not someone I knew.

"Karin, so good of you to come, please, come in."

He had an executive room, king size bed, large whirpool bath, mirrored ceiling, I had been in the Excelsior's executive room with my fiance, we had enjoyed a hot night of celebration after our engagement was officially announced.

He stepped behind the room's bar, and uncorked some white wine, Pouring two glasses, he presented one of them to me. I took a sip.

"Ok, Dick, enough with the pleasentries, let's get down to brass tacks"

"As you can see from the DVD I sent you, I have the real deal. I was there at the time, and that is why the camera caught every move of your very hot body. I can imagine that after college, you cleaned up your act, became very serious and all business, and your wild college days were behind you, never to be revealed. I could well imagine the shock and horror that your fiance and your new inlaws would have, if they were to see what fun you had in college. Even if you destroyed the DVD you have, I of course have the original."

"Ok, you've got me, you damn well know that I can't let my fiance see that. So, how much do you want to hand over the other copy?"

"Oh, no too much. I am willing to be reasonable. Figures were dancing about in my head, but watching your performance made me think in a different vein. I am willing to hand over the other copy of the DVD, and I give you my word that no other copies will suddenly pop up in the future. This has been kept by me, and has been shown to no one else."

"So, what do you want in return?" I asked.

"I want you. I want you to stay tonight, so I can have your body in any way I desire. I have seen that you like it up every hole, and I want to fill every hole you have with my cock. I want your tight ass, your hot mouth and your hot sweet cunt. That's what I want, nothing else, I don't want a dime of money, just your incredible body, for just one night. I was not allowed to join in on your 12 guy gang bang, and I have been aching to have you, for ten years."

Damn, I had expected he might be heading that way. But what choice did I have?

"You win, just don't expect me to be some hot, blond nympho, who's really too happy about it all", I sighed.

He took my hand, and led me into the bedroom. The bed was large, and there was the large, lighted mirror on the ceiling, great, I thought, I'll be able to watch myself getting fucked. He turned to face me, and slid his hands over my breasts. He stroked at my body, and his finger slid down the front of my dress, sliding open the buttons. He pushed the dress away from my shoulders, and my dress dropped, pooling around my feet. I was wearing a black bra and black panties, and his eyes approved of them. He slid the bra off, freeing my tits.

"Oh yes, you have fantastic tits, baby, I've never seen a nicer pair than yours."

He slid his fingers under the waistband of my panties and slid them down. I was now completely naked, and he stepped back a bit, and his eyes drank in my form. I could see a large bulge in his pants, as he took in the sight.

"Incredible," he whispered, "fucking incredible."

He stripped, and my eyes took in his naked form. He was in good shape, just over 6 feet tall, probably about 175 - 180 pounds, and his cock, it was bigger than my fiance's 8 inches, looked more like 10. I could feel my resistance start to melt, as the horny desires of my college days started to reassert themselves. It was going to happen, and if he's good in bed, why not enjoy it?

He took me in his arms, and his lips pressed against mine. The feel of that stiff shaft, pressing against my body between us, turned the melt into a flood. I opened my mouth to his, and I felt his tongue slide into my mouth. I love to be french kissed when I'm being fucked, and my tongue met his. I was heating up fast, I wouldn't need to pretend to enjoy it, if he's good in bed, I was gonna LOVE it!

He pressed me down gently on the bed, and started to kiss my breasts, licking at them, sliding his tongue over my stiff, tingly nipples, and sucking at them. My tits started to throb, sending pulses of pleasure to my pussy. My clit was starting to twitch, and I was quickly lubing up! He continued his way down, kissing my belly, runing his tongue down, and swirling it through my neatly trimmed nest of blonde pubic curls.

"You smell delicious", he whispered, "I've been waiting so long to taste your juices."

His tongue slid down, and over my pussy lips. He gently parted my lips, and his tongue swept over my hot, molten opening. I groaned from the pleasure, my pussy was aching for his tongue. His tongue pushed deeper into my hot, wet folds, he licked up all the juices my pussy was churning with. He slid a finger up me, finger fucking my quivering pussy. His tongue settled over my clit, and his tongue started a long sweeping movement over it. His mouth was hot, expert, and practiced, I felt like he was eating me alive. He was no amateur, and I could feel myself reach the boiling point.

I screamed as I exploded, my pussy becoming a vat of hot juices. I could feel my body shaking and shuddering as I came, my pussy cumming all over his face. He stayed with me, licking up all of my hot juices and gently licking my pussy as the last spasms of my orgasm faded.

He rose up, and I was burning with lust. My college days horniness was back in control of my body. I groaned from the sight of his ten inches of rock hard cock, ready to fuck me. I spread my legs wide, reaching down, I parted my lips, letting him see how wet and excited I was, I was desperate to have that rock hard shaft deep inside me.

"Yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me", I gasped, "Shove that hard cock up me, and fuck my cunt. I'm on fire, and I need your cock! Fuck my burning cunt, NOW!"

He got into position, and I could feel the head of his cock nudge against my opening. He penetrated my cunt, and slid it in, right to the balls. I could feel his big shaft stretching the walls of my cunt, I let out squeals and grunts of pure pleasure as the entire 10 inches filled up my burning fuckhole. I wrapped my legs around his waist, so he could shove every inch in.

"Oh fuck," he grunted, "oh yes, I've dreamed of this, and being inside you is better than any dream!"

"Yeah, let me have it!", I grunted, "Your balls are full of a massive load of spunk, that you've been keeping, saving it up for my fiery fuck hole! I want your big cock to shoot it all into me! So fuck me, ram my cunt! I need to be fucked and filled by your hard cock, I love the feeling of my cunt being spread apart and fucked hard and deep, over and over, by your big prick! I want to feel your throbbing cock, as it gets rock hard and explodes your hot load up my burning cunt! I need it now! Give it to me!"

He was only too happy to comply. He pulled back, and drove it in again, balls deep. We established a ryhthm, he'd pull out about half way, then thrust it in, right to the hilt. Every thrust in made me grunt with pleasure from the feeling of having my horny cunt split open again and again, I felt like my cunt was wrapped around a length of steel hard pipe. He was power fucking my burning cunt, I could feel my pussy stretched wide around his massive shaft, my pussy was throbbing wildly, my clit was getting ready to explode again, I was seeing stars as his 10 inches ravished my molten center. I looked up, and could see the reflection of myself, stretched out spread eagled, in full heat, his body on top of me, the thrusting movements of his hips matching the pumping of his hard cock splitting my burning fuckhole open as he fucked me again and again, my legs around his waist, being fucked wildly. Just as I was ready to explode, I could feel his cock jerk and swelling with a massive urgency. He howled as his cock exploded, and that was all I needed, my cry of orgasm joined his, as my pussy exploded. I kept my eyes open, watching the reflection of myself as I came. That just made my orgasm all the more powerful, it was a real gut wrencher, I felt like I was gonna blow apart. I could feel my cunt clamp down tightly on his spurting cock, spasming wildly. Our cries of release filled the room, I could feel the throbbing and pulsing of his rock hard prick exploding and squirting in me, filling me up with a hot load as his cock pumped a flood of spunk deep into my burning hole. The spasms of my cunt milked greedily at his shaft, and he poured every drop of cum deep into my womb.

He collapsed on top of me, his rock hard prick still deep inside me. After a while it started to soften up, and he withdrew, and flopped down next to me.

"Jeez, you were fantastic, absolutely the best", he whispered.

"You were pretty awesome yourself", I whispered back, "You made me cum like a train!"

I could feel his cum trickling out of my pussy, I scooped some up with my fingers and tasted his cum. It tasted great, and I was looking forward to getting it straight from his cock.

We dozed for a while. I awoke, and could see his cock, hard and stiff again, even though he was asl**p. The sight of that massive pussy splitter got me going again. I crouched down, and I ran my tongue up and down his cock. His cock was rock hard as my tongue licked up and down his stiff shaft. I slid a hand down his shaft, pulling on the foreskin. His cock head popped out, shiny and pink. I licked at the cock head like it was a lollipop. I suddenly engulfed his stiff cock in my warm, wet mouth. I shivered with delight as I ran my hot, pliable mouth down the full length of his stiff shaft, sucking and licking at his hard cock. I slid my mouth up, and then plunged down the full length again.

Between sl**p and wakefulness, he whispered, "Oh yeah baby."

I musy say I am somewhat of an expert at sucking cock, I have sucked off over 100 guys, almost all of them in my wild college days. My mouth was moist, hot and expert. Again and again, my mouth plunged up and down on his swollen prick.

Now awake, he whispered, "Oh yeah baby, suck my cock, and swallow my load. Suck it all out baby!"

Eager to do just that, I applied my Milkmaid sucking technique, tightening my lips around his cock, and working over his cock with a grip as tight as any hand. His cock was throbbing, I took his balls in my hand, and gave them a squeeze. He grunted with pleasure as the spunk surged up his shaft, and his cock pulsed wildly as he unloaded, his cock squirting wildly between my tight crimson lips, his hot, juicy load gushing into my eager mouth, his streams of cum spewing all over my tongue. My tight lips milked every drop out of his cock, and I eagerly swallowed the load he had filled my mouth with.

"Oh yeah, you have a great way of waking me up!" he exclaimed.

We rested a bit, and my hands soon stroked him up to full glory again. I wanted my ass filled, and this would be the biggest cock I had ever taken.

"On your hands and knees baby, give me your ass, I want to fuck that tight little hole of yours." As my ass appeared, upthrust and ready to be fucked, he said, "Oh yeah, just what I want."

He got down, and I felt his tongue licking at my asshole. It was almost excrutiaingly sensitve, and I squealed with pleasure as his tongue licked at my tight ass hole, running around the rim over and over. I love being rimmed, before I am ass fucked, I like my partner to lick at my asshole and finger it before I take his cock.

I gasped out, "Yes, oh yes, lick and finger my asshole a long time, then fuck me up my tight hole, I love it!"

Encouraged, he proceeded to do just that. His tongue and his fingers probed my tight hole, and as I looked over my shoulder with a smile, I felt him applying baby oil to my asshole, running one and then two fingers inside me, lubing up my tight back door. He spread the oil up and down his cock, making it glisten and gleam. Ten inches of rock hard cock were ready to fuck my ass. He pressed the head of his cock against my asshole. With a bit of a push, the head slipped in. It had been a while since I had been ass fucked, and I hissed at the initial entry. He stopped, and asked me if I was ok. I said, Yeah, it's just been a while, take it slow. He started to push slowly, inch by inch, his cock slid up my hole. I could feel the walls of my ass get stretched as his cock worked its way up me. With a final push, the last two inches of his cock entered, drawing a grunt of pleasure from me. My bunghole was throbbing with pleasure, fuck, it felt so good.

"Fuck, it feels so good!" I cried, "Give it to me, fuck my ass, and squirt your load right up my tight ass!"

He drew back, and started to fuck my asshole, reaming out my bunghole. I could feel the plunge of his cock, every in thrust just made me wild with pleasure. My college days experience was back with a vengence. He fucked my back door, over and over, until he started to grunt, and I felt his prick swell up. I was almost delirious with pleasure as he plowed into me, his cock pulsing and squirting, filling my ass up with his thick sperm enema. Fuck, it felt so fucking great.

Wow, what a night. After that, I was eager to spend the night, and he did my mouth, cunt and ass as many times as he could get it up, which was almost all night.

The next morning, he gave me the other DVD, as promised. I keep those in a secure safe, they are much too enjoyable to be destroyed. I love to relive that hot time, and fuck myself with my vibrating rabbit, cumming again and again as I watch myself getting penetrated in every fuckhole I have.

The wedding went as planned, but almost right after the honeymoon, after Donald returned to work, our sex life dropped off to once a month or longer, and it was always the lights out, missionary style, two minute rabbit fuck. He had been a lusty, horny guy before the wedding, he couldn't get enough of me. Maybe he followed the old adage, You don't keep running, once you've caught the bus.

I started to get suspicious, after he started to come home very late most nights, and go out almost every Saturday and Sunday, golfing with the guys he said. I hired a PI, and it didn't take too long to find out the real story. He was fucking his 19 year old secretary. Yep, he was twice her age, but that didn't stop him. The worst part, she didn't look anywhere near as good as I. She was a plain Jane sort of type, probably was great at secretarial duties, and was more than happy to have her Boss fucking her. Maybe it excited him, to give a plain Jane an active sex life. Or, maybe she was just a tigress in bed, looking meek and mild, but with a raging slut hidden inside. There were lots of pictures, and other evidence, the most onerus was recorded by a microphone that he had been able to hide in the secretary's apartment.

His voice said, "Are you ready to get your ass fucked, baby?"

She sighed, "Oh yeah, my asshole is all tight and twitchy, it wants your big cock, fuck my asshole, fuck me now."

I could hear mingled grunts and sighs, then she said, "You like it like this?", then giggled.

My husband grunted, and started using foul, erotic language, that he had never used in my presence, not even in bed. His secretary responded with equally filthy language, soon I could hear her grunts and squeals of pleasure, she sounded like a stuck pig, my husband's lust grunts joining hers, as he fucked her asshole. The bastard, he can fuck his secretary's ass, but not mine? I was eager for my holes to get plugged, why didn't he just ask if I would give him my asshole? Was I supposed to be the perfect little trophy wife, the good little wifey who never complained, just did as her master commanded? The wife who he puts on a pedestal, and would never soil with his baser sexual desires, so had to take a mistress, to fuck her ass?

I confronted him with my lawyer present, and the evidence made him turn turtle. To keep such embarrasing revelations from a scandel hungry media, he agreed to our terms, and he got a quick and painless divorce and all the pictures and the recording of him and his secretary, and I got a very generous settlement.

Single once again, I got a hold of Richard, and the weekend was a lust filled haze of cock sucking, asshole and cunt fucking, he did me every way that I loved. On a long weekend, we flew to Seattle, where he was from, and since no one there knew me, and he used a fake name for me, it was easy to get his buddies to get into an orgy with me, without my identity being known. Fuck, it was incredible, just like 10 years ago, getting fucked in every hole, 12 hot guys to do every hole I had.

I realized that I was wrong to try and deny what I was, a horny bitch who needed every hole fucked. My college days persona were back, and I embraced it. The grunts and groans from the guys, the liquid sounds from my body as they did me, my squeals and cries of pleasure as all three holes were filled up and fucked, and their grunts of release as they exploded, filling up my burning holes with thick ropes of hot cum. The night was a blur of pleasure, as they all emptied their loads deep in my holes. I came like crazy, roaring from one orgasm to the next, cocks exploding, blowing thick loads of cum up my asshole, deep in my cunt, and filling my mouth.

MY first sex

Aug 27th @ 2:44am EDT

This is my first blog and this story about having sex with my neighborhood girl in water when we had gone for a f****y trip. Myself Sam age 23 this happened to me this June She is my neighbor girl and she got married recently, I did sex with her when she came home for my s****r's marriage. I obviously masturbated by thinking about her in my younger days. She is really hot with cute lips I always stare at and 36 size boobs and great navel point which I see through her saree. I longed for this day to touch her boobs and to taste her pussy and thighs. It was during the July month we arranged for a trip after my s****r's marriage and so we went to coutrallam. Firstly I didn't know that she was coming when I see her in car my heart pushes to think of her nude in water falls ( as we are going there too on the trip ) . I controlled my emotion and stared at her she made a cute smile . As we travelled more than 2 hours , we stopped the cars for a snack. I was requested by my mom to purchase something to eat, so I got something and sharing it to all. I gave her those but she left it down since she was in right corner of the seat she couldn't make it. But for me it was great visual I saw her cute cleavage inside her tee she was wearing a strapless bra. I wondered for some more time how she got a nice shape and told me she might be going to the gym or doing herself any yoga . Actually she got a rounded boobs which I see through her tee her waist will look like a narrow line which ends in a curved well shaped hips. She covered it well with her jean, I wondered his husband will be lucky to have her (I said to my heart I must taste her ).

As time passed we reached our destination and we took our things since we have to walk a little to reach the waterfalls. I hormones teased whenever I saw her for the reason I love newly wed ladies and I think of her nude and I'm fucking her hardly my cock get erected and hitting in my boxers I couldn't resist so I went aside a pissed . We reached the place all of us changed our clothes to bath . Myself in boxer and a t-shirt. She changed herself into an leggings and a tee. I could see her full shape in her leggings and T-shirt , gone to heaven. She removed her bra, so I could see her nipple slightly projecting. I want to suck it like a baby but I couldn't since my f****y was here obviously she won't allow me to do . So I planned , I told myself not to miss this chance. I know lots of places here to bath but we have to walk in some areas there were lots of people in some there may be few mostly couples so they won't mind if we do any stuff. I asked my mom shall I go there, but she refused. My plan went off in a sudden, holy crap. So we started to take a bath here it. I could see her round boob getting wet inside her tee, wow cute her waist, hips I wondered for a minute all of a sudden my dick get erected , I was in the water and I could feel the warmth. I intentionally went near to her and hit her thigh with my hand and acted like an accident, she smiled. After 10 minutes lot of boys came to bath and it gets crowded so she told my mom that she was little sigh since more boys are here.

Great day!! My mom asked her to take her up the hill and she will follow us if she could walk more. I know she would not and she couldn't. I am happily walking with her, heart beat increasing and getting dry. She was asking whether it will be safe if we go up. I told it will nicer than as here . We reached and entered in water. In the mean time she was asking me about my studies and how I'm doing. From my c***dhood she always advises me to be bolder in all activities I do, so basically she cares about me but what do I think about her was always to fuck her in a dream. I asked about her new life and about her hubby and what he does. My eyes were staring at her as she speaks the boobs vibrate it made me to think like a hell.
After a sudden I don't want to waste, so I asked her without shame that I want to fuck her and told her that I'm fantasying about you from my younger age. She laughed, I felt embarrassing but I didn't show it. And I asked you are married now so why can't , it's not a problem if you got pregnant. I couldn't find a nice place to have sex with you more than this, she smiled . I impressed her with my words. And she came near to me and said "I love if you fuck me" all of a sudden my hormones went off and gone into fear to fuck, what a pity. I stand in front of her speechless. She came closer and hugged me and pushed me to the rocks and rubbed my dick with her thighs. Oh my god, I went off in pleasure. I kissed on her lips and bite it . She pushed my dick with her hand . We played in the waterfalls for a while in kissing each other . I squeezed her boobs and sucked her nipple in tee shirt and kissed her navel it was like a small pussy to fuck I licked it like heaven and kissed her deeply. She started moaning hardly in pleasure . The cold climate and water fall increased more to get aroused. She came down near to my dick and bite my hardened dick with boxer and kissed it heavily. I was full with pre-cum. She took my rod and licked it. She gave me a blowjob, she licked my balls and played with my dick head and made me to cum in her mouth. She kissed me with the cum in her mouth I kissed her back like the devil, she screamed to stop. But I didn't kiss her hardly and removed her shirt and pressed the boobs , so sucked it , licked the nipples. It was around shaped orange as like to hold. I kissed and played with her boobs and kissed and bite her nipple. She was moaning in pain so I bite it. I made her sit on a rock and removed her leggings . Her panty was covered with a napkin . She had her period. The smell made me more curious to fuck her . I slightly fingered her cunt and licked it, she moaned in pain . I took my dick and pushed it inside her pussy it was like a narrow fit flow. I was pushing I hardly to fuck. She pained lot and told that it pains because your dick is larger than her hubby's. It made me proud. I fucked her hardly like an a****l in sex desire. I licked her nipple and kissed her I made a hard stroke in her pussy . Since I cummed before I took time for me, it gave me the fulfillment I fucke her for 6- 8mins hardly her shape and nipple made me think worse. I inserted my dick hardly in her pussy she screamed and I kissed her to make her calm and after a few strokes I threw out my orgasm in her pussy and we both hugged each other and took a nap in water for 2 mins, my dick in her pussy. After all we took a bath and left the place.

My mom waited for us in down hill and we joined her. Ate a lot since my first sex, loss of virginity with a cute newly married girl as I wish. I kissed her when we reach our house. She went back to her's. Her smile's at me and signals like super that day all the time whenever she saw me.

And now I started to think of her like fucking me and masturbates. It's hard not to think of her. She left for her husband's place in Delhi. She may come sometime.
End of my no strings attached.


Jul 17th @ 8:29pm EDT

10:27 a.m.: I come across an article online about open relationships. The comments are filled with wives and girlfriends up in arms about how their men are THEIRS and THEIR OWN and how any non-monogamous woman has been TRICKED or lacks SELF-RESPECT. While I certainly think open relationships aren\'t right for everyone, I can\'t help but also think that the aforementioned commenters are a bunch of miserable, dried-up, anorgasmic cows.
Noon: My boss calls. She has booked me with a new client who wants me to be a little submissive. I\'ve worked with her for over two years, and have learned she\'s the Grand Empress of Understatement. Normally I don\'t do sub, but tuition payments and rent are due. I make a note to only pack the whips and toys I\'d be willing to have used on me.
7 p.m.: The session ends up being no big deal. The client slaps me until my eyes water. After he finishes himself off, we watch Access Hollywood. And he invites me to the most terrifying place in any working girl\'s world: his PRIVATE ISLAND, a.k.a. Dead Hooker Cove. $500.
8:45 p.m.: Pay N.Y. half the rent. He doesn\'t need the money, but I like to assert my independence. I\'m more capitalist than feminist.
9:51 p.m.: There\'s a party at the new shop opening downstairs from my apartment. I decide to eat a cheeseburger and masturbate instead.


Jul 17th @ 8:29pm EDT

6:59 a.m.: Dream about getting screwed by Jeff Garlin. What a giant, gaping window into my psyche.
9:55 a.m.: Mother calls. I mention U.K. will be flying me back to London in two weeks. It'll be my third visit since June. "Are you just going to abandon New York completely?" she asks.
11:48 a.m.: The homeless men in wheelchairs loitering on Rivington and Eldridge are my biggest fans.
Noon: My father is in town on business. Though we don't discuss details, it is acknowledged that we both work in fields of varying degrees of legality. He asks how work is going, and how both of my boyfriends are. I can't help but be chuffed when he says he's proud of me.
9:02 p.m.: N.Y. takes me out for sushi. At home, I blow him while South Park is paused on the DVR.
3:36 a.m.: N.Y. is asleep beside me. He will be flying out in a few hours to attend a family event. I feel very safe and content with him, and consider waking him up to say something nice, but decide against it.
3:37 a.m.: I fear if I ever actually utter the phrase "I love you," my throat will swell up and asphyxiate me like a bad allergic reaction to tree nuts.


Jul 17th @ 8:28pm EDT

9:44 a.m.: Wake up horny. Immediately open my laptop and begin a porn hunt. Amateur Aussie lesbians finger-banging on a futon? That\'ll do me nicely.
5 p.m.: I tell N.Y. I\'ll be going out with Finance Guy for drinks. \"I\'m not surprised,\" he says, a bit too snappy for my taste. \"Is that okay?\" I ask. He shrugs. Communication: truly the cornerstone of any healthy relationship.
9:10 p.m.: Drinks with Finance Guy at the Bowery Hotel, followed by dinner at Double Crown. Obviously.
11:10 p.m.: FG orders a $400 bottle of Champagne. He reasons that if it costs that much, it must be really, really good.
11:31 p.m.: I describe my lingerie to him: \"Insouciant little Kiki de Montparnasse knickers with French lace.\" This is a lie. Right now I\'m sporting cotton Hanes and a 75 percent saturated Kotex.
1:09 a.m.: We make out in the back of a taxi. FG is a surprisingly good kisser, and I\'m thoroughly enjoying myself until he pulls away, brushes a lock of hair from my eyes, and whispers, \"You taste like sea bass.\"
1:20 a.m.: I return home, stumbling drunk. \"Let\'s fuck!\" I say to N.Y. I tear off his trousers and lick all his favorite spots, yet he remains flaccid. Aside from severe cases of whiskey dick, this has never happened. He apologizes, but I take it personally.

The Young Dominatrix in an Open Relationship

Jul 15th @ 8:40pm EDT

yeah you know and see that im really young, but yes i love to dominate, i have experience for maybe 1 year already, but it was not on cam but in real life.. come to my room and join me.

Day five

Jul 15th @ 8:38pm EDT

10:45 a.m.: Having breakfast with college friend. We agree that the boys at our school are almost all too artsy. She is from the land of the Wasps, while I might as well be. We decide to seek out the preppiest spots in Manhattan. We then become aware of how obnoxious this sounds and hold off.
5 p.m.: Meet Hot Professor at Starbucks to discuss my paper. He seems so secure and grounded.
9 p.m.: Get call from Prep School boy. Why are those always home? He wants to come to my place. I decide a public environment will be safer. We meet at Bar & Books and chat. He\'s gorgeous but pretty boring.
10:30 p.m.: After a few drinks I look past his vacuousness and we make out for a while. He comes to my apartment. I go down on him but politely decline full intercourse. He\'s content either way and passes out on my couch after. Lovely.


Jul 15th @ 8:37pm EDT

7:15 a.m.: Shrill alarm goes off. Connecticut Boy, who has slept over, groans, asking why I'm getting up so early. I tell him about my running plans and he remembers that he has to be on the train in an hour. We kiss, a friend kiss, and part ways.
2 p.m.: In class fantasizing about my professor doing me on his desk. He is 40-ish with salt-and-pepper hair and a great body. I can't help it that I like older men.
7 p.m.: Meet up with Boyfriend for an early dinner. We agree that we feel like we never see each other. We sit for three hours talking. I have always dreamed of marrying young. But I think my desire for marriage has put too much pressure on my relationships and instead I have remained overly casual so as to not choose "the wrong one."
11 p.m.: In Boyfriend's dorm room, making out on his bed. His kisses are right in between Connecticut Boy's and Prep School boy's. We have passionate, in-love sex. I feel connected to him and consider removing quotation marks.
2 a.m.: Cuddling with Boyfriend in his bed, celebrating the fact that he doesn't have a roommate. I confess to him that I have never watched porn. He looks at me and laughs, "I know. You're too sweet."

Day 2 and 3

Jul 15th @ 8:36pm EDT

9 a.m.: No running today. Wake up hung-over with a text from Prep School Boy saying he had fun last night. He adds a smiley-face emoticon, which makes me regret ever touching him.
Noon: Blow off Boyfriend for lunch. Feeling guilty about last night. Who am I?!
7 p.m.: Order in sushi and thank the Lord I have my own apartment.
8 p.m.: Watch Jersey Shore and think about having sex with Vinny in the hot tub. On second thought, gross. Vinny?

9:45 a.m.: Running the Bridal Path as a licentious old man watches me.
11 a.m.: Showering, envisioning Prep School Boy's strong hands washing me clean. Decide that, with 30 minutes to be at brunch with my mother, this is the wrong time for this fantasy.
3 p.m.: Get text from Connecticut Boy, an old friend of mine. He's coming into town for one night tonight and wants to spend it with me. My heart begins to pound, as I was in love with this boy for two years.
9:30 p.m.: Meet up with Connecticut Boy at Pegu and discuss college life. We both agree that we don't want to turn 19 and bid our youth farewell.
11 p.m.: In a cab home with Connecticut Boy. We begin to kiss and he kisses me in the exact opposite way that Prep School Boy did. Connecticut Boy is soft and loving. Prep School Boy is hot, but I begin to envision a future with Connecticut Boy.
1:30 a.m.: At apartment with Connecticut Boy. Receive a text from Boyfriend saying, "I know you're out with your friend. Just wanted to say I love you." I swoon and feel guilty. Connecticut Boy and I make out, but I don't let it go any further.
2:15 a.m.: Laying in bed while Connecticut Boy snores on the couch. I think about how open and mature Boyfriend is for a 19-year-old. He openly tells me that he loves me and is happy to be with me. He doesn't play games like I do.

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